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Welcome to Villa Victoria

Villa Victoria is located on the coast of Spain, at the top of Costa Brava, in the town of Roses. The wide variety of attractions both for adults and kids make this place a true haven for families.

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Villa Victoria’s location has the most beautiful sunsets while having dinner with your family and friends.

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“Villa Victoria was love at first sight. I bought the villa within 15 minutes of first seeing it. This was one of the best investments that I have made for me and my family.”

Wiktor Sawosz


The Villa can easily accommodate 6 people with its three bedrooms. If you have a bigger family, there is a possibility to add mattresses to accommodate up to 10 people.

The two main rooms have a terrace, each with large windows overlooking the Gulf of Roses. One of these two rooms also has its own private bathroom. In total, there are two bathrooms and one additional toilet room on the top floor.


Mediterranean cuisine is considered to be one of the tastiest and healthiest in the world. Its authentic cuisine can be found throughout Roses, where locals enjoy a variety of greeneries and salads with homemade olive oil and fresh seafood with a glass of local wine

Originally a fishing village, Roses welcomes fishing boats that bring their fresh catch every day. If you are a connoisseur or a fish lover, you can buy your favorite seafood directly from the port market.

The villa has a spacious kitchen, equipped with top quality appliances to enjoy delicious food with Roses’ fresh products. The villa is equipped with BBQ grill on its terrace to provide convivial outside dinners on warm summer nights

Rosas is home to three Michelin star restaurant “El Bulli”, voted the world’s best restaurant on five occasions. There are plenty of other delicious restaurants in the area that we recommend you try during your stay. If you wish to see our recommendations, you can download the restaurant list below.

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Thanks to the villa’s various facilities, there is plenty to do at the villa for everyone. On the top floor, there is an infinity-like pool that directly overlooks the sea. Next, to the pool, there is a Jacuzzi for a warmer and cozier atmosphere among friends and family. The villa also has a sauna that you can enjoy at all times for pure body and mind relaxation. The villa’s relaxation opportunities go beyond the sauna, as the bottom floor offers the perfect combination of the massage chair and home cinema. The home cinema offers a selection of movies so wide that fights over which movie to watch will most definitely happen!

One of the most unique places in the villa is the garden. Villa Victoria has one of the largest gardens in the area. Guests are welcome to enjoy the garden’s tastiest fruits. Personally, our favorite thing to do in the morning is to take some oranges from the tree and prepare a fresh orange juice to start the day in the happiest possible way.


Rosas and its neighboring cities are beloved by countless tourists and sports lovers. There is plenty to do for people with all kinds of interests, whether your love is for the sea (sailing, windsurfing, and jet ski), land (hiking, cycling) or even the air (skydiving)!

There are plenty of companies that organize boat tours, rent jet ski or parasailing events. Rosas also has a large aquapark that provides pure enjoyment for families and friends.

You can download the full list of activities and contact information below by clicking the button.

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The biodiversity Roses possesses in natural habitats, as well as the historical architecture is what gives Roses its unique beauty. The area was also home to one of the most influential artists in the world, Salvador Dali, where he left many memories for people to revisit.

There are nearby historic cities such as Cadaques, Figueres, Besalu or Girona. These cities, apart from being exclusively charming, also show some history that has not survived in other parts of the world, with buildings that date back to the 9th century

By clicking the button you can see all of the places that we recommend you to visit.

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If you plan on staying for longer than 14 days, we will arrange a driver to pick you up and drop you off from the airport. If you need more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

There are different ways that you can get to Villa Victoria. If you are flying to Barcelona or Girona airports, you can book a car to drive to the Villa. There will also be a car in the villa that you are welcome to use during your stay.

Time to book

Villa Victoria is available to book as a whole

from minimum three 3. It can host up to 6-10 people.

You can book directly with us by calling the number below

or you can use our or Airbnb websites to book through them.

Piotr Sawosz

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